A city where you can’t go 5 steps without hearing 5 different languages: Dynamic Dubai!

I don’t know why some people call it a ‘concrete jungle’. From where I see it, it’s the most beautiful form a man’s (or woman’s) talent can take!

The first most obvious thing that hits you once you land in the UAE is the heat. Boy, I traveled during peak summer (in August) and burnt more than just money (it’s also the Dubai Surprise Sale-which very few people know about!). Without much cribbing, keep your hair and skin hydrated and sun-protected if you happen to be there around the same time.

The next thing that got on to me was the luxury (just talking about it is slipping me into a spa-mode already). Driving through the city is like sailing on a magic carpet (exactly like Aladdin). The infrastructure is massive. Buildings are made so much to perfection that you can’t help stopping to take a good look at each one to marvel at the concrete beauties. Another thing that’s beautiful is the women. They way they carry themselves besides being hidden behind veils and burqas, is worth commending. I could just look and admire their make up choices and give #makeupgoals to self!

So after so much adulation, shopping in the Dubai mall (like there’s no tomorrow), it was time for some adventure. We booked a package for two from groupon.com (came in quite handy) and set off on a full day safari out in the desert.

We were picked up in a land rover by the gracious driver. He took us to Sharjah and on a topsy turvy cruise in the sand dunes. Once you manage to go up one dune, there’s no guarantee that you will safely land on the next (at least that’s what I felt). Driving in sand is an all together different level of adrenaline (coupled with fear of course!). Needless to say we did have one helluva time.

One peculiar trait about the city is the diversity that dwells there. The moment you step out from the airport you will see people of at least 5 different ethnicity in one glance. When in a mall, you will hear Chinese, Russian, Hindi, English and Arabic-all within your first few steps.


Soon enough, it was time to go. Last day of the trip was brought to a romantic close with a walk-on-water hopped on a dhow (boat which was no less than a yacht). If you are in Dubai, must sail on this ‘dhow’ to cruise through Dubai’s best kept secret – the architectural wonder.



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